Parkzone Radian Slope Soaring

The video above shows a guy flying his modified Parkzone Radian Pro as a slope soarer. He has modified the glider with various upgraded components and removed the motor. Personally I don’t think that this is a great idea as some power would be extremely useful if the glider starts to wander out to sea or it loses lift in a dead spot.

It’s also interesting that the guy is “base soaring” whereby he is standing at the bottom of the cliff and walking along the beach rather than being stationary at the top.

How to Hire a DUI Attorney in San Antonio

DUI in San Antonio is a serious crime, which is why you need to have a DUI attorney specializing in DUI/DWI law to assist you in your case. With many DUI lawyers in the market all claiming to offer high quality legal services, you need to know how to select the best among them. This article provides you with some tips that will help you select the best DUI lawyer.

Carry out thorough search – As mentioned above, drunk driving is a serious crime. To ensure that you hire the best attorney for you case, you need to carry out thorough search to ensure that you get a number of them to choose from. Do not make the mistake of hiring the first attorney you talk to. It is advisable to interview at least four DUI lawyers before making the final decision. Filter them until you get the one you are most comfortable working with.

Ask intelligent questions – When you are going through the process of hiring a DUI attorney San Antonio in Texas, you need to ask as many questions as you can so that you have clear understanding about the lawyer you are thinking of hiring. Ask the number of DUI cases they have handled, the number of cases won and those failed, also ask the strategies they use to win the case and what they do to ensure that all the information about the cases is kept confidential. By asking these questions, you will attain valuable information that will help you determine the best attorney for your case.

Ensure you enter a written agreement – Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous DUI lawyers in San Antonio these days. Thus, you must be very careful not to fall a victim to one of them. When you are hiring an attorney, you must make sure that you know all of the details of the contract. For instance, understand the cost you will incur for your entire case, what the fees will cover and any other information included in the agreement. Make sure that you enter into a written agreement instead of an oral agreement because it is very easy for a lawyer to breach an oral agreement. Ensure you retain your own copy of the agreement for reference purposes.

Consider the fees charged – When hiring a DUI attorney, the fee charged is a key consideration you must keep in mind. When you are doing the search, make sure that you understand the amount charged by each of the attorneys you interview. This will ensure that you get an attorney who charges you the most affordable price according to the budget you have. Do not hire very expensive attorneys who will make you strain in your budget. On the other hand, most of the cheapest lawyers do not value their services, thus you may end up with a failed case.

Get recommendations – You should not be afraid to get recommendations from trusted friends or other people who have experience with different DUI attorneys. This is one of the most effective way you will be able to get a DUI attorney who will help you succeed in your case.

Qualifications Required to Become a York Plumber

We run our households and workplaces in York with the help of a work force. This work force includes many people like maids or office staff, gardeners, carpenters and plumbers.

All these people equally help us to fix any problems that we might have in our premises. A plumber is a person who does installation and maintenance of the water, drainage and sewage system in any premises.

plumbing picThe qualifications that you need to successfully become a plumber start right from the tenth class. Good grades in science and math are important and knowledge of environmental issues also helps. Some years ago people use to enroll themselves in a plumbers York course at any college straight after school. But now there are many private institutes offering courses in plumbing.

All the courses will have a mix of theoretical and practical lessons in plumbing. A course in plumbing will have three certificate levels. The initial level includes teachings about the plumbing equipment, tools, technical drawings and calculations. It additionally imparts information about various kinds of materials that are used for the job.

The next stage consists of an apprenticeship course which provides training and support. Work based tasks are given which gives practical training to the student. In this level one can even choose a specialization on any stream. For example it can be drainage and sanitary, water or gas services.

Fully comprehensive instruction is provided at this stage on manual skills and working in teams. The last level will authorize you to become a registered plumber in York and enables you to obtain a license for working.

To learn something is easy but it’s very important to bring that learning in use. Theoretical knowledge will remain with you for lifetime. So it is essential for any plumber to keep working to constantly update his practical knowledge and keep up to date with the new technology.

If you have a professional qualification like a plumber you can be your own boss, work on your own terms and make money and secure life for your loved ones.

Buying a Nissan 370Z in Leeds

I’ve been looking for a new car recently to replace my aging Honda S2000, but there doesn’t seem to be very much on the market these days in terms of price, performance, reliability and exclusivity.
In fact, the only realistic replacement seems to be the Nissan 370Z.
Although this car does tick most of the boxes, it’s still not quite the same as the light weight driver’s car that is the S2000, which I must have spent a fortune on in car valeting services over the years!
Instead, the Nissan is more of a modern muscle car with a large v6 engine and lots of extra weight.
I’m also not so sure about the looks either – no matter how pictures of the car I look at, I can’t seem to convince myself that this is the next car for me. Maybe I should just go and see one up close and take it for a test drive to change my mind.
Another slight problem with the 370Z is the availability. Finding one in the Leeds area is somewhat of a challenge, especially if, like me you wand the ragtop version. I can’t see the point of sacrificing the back seats if you’re not going to be able to put the top down in the summer time.
I’m not a big fan of badge cars and so I’m not really interested in things like BMW’s and Porches. I always like to buy a car for the car rather than just drive around in a badge.
One of the first things that I like to do after buying another car is get it properly valeted. For this purpose I use a reliable car valeting company in Leeds form this website – These guys always show up on time and do a full valet for a very reasonable price. Once finished my car looks shiny and new and smells great inside thanks to the internal fogging and deodorising service.

Plumbing Guide – Fixing Leaks

One way of fixing plumbing leaks is to use Teflon tape – simply wrap the tape around the pip 3 times in the direction of the thread on the IPS joint. Usually this is enough to seal the leak, but a plumbing contractor will often use thread sealant or pipe dope to make sure that the joint is completely water tight. This is just applied so that you have a thin film on the thread.

The threads on the joints are tapered and therefore it is not necessary to screw the joint in very far in order to attain a proper seal.

Another type of joint that plumbers often use is the compression joint. This works with a nut an feral system whereby the thread is used to hold the feral down to the joint in the pipe. Note that this is permanent once the nut is screwed down tight and cannot be removed once in place. Subsequent removal of the joint will therefore necessitate cutting away a section of the pipe.

Plumbers and heating engineers often use soldered joints on pipes ranging in size from 1/2 inch to 8 inches. Leaks in soldered joints are usually cause by corrosion and can be repaired by cutting away the affected area and soldering in a new section of pipe.



What You Need to Know Before Planning a Loft Conversion


The process of transforming an attic into a functional and ideal space is known as loft conversion. Loft conversion is one of the best ways of creating  additional space. Thus when you are in need of additional space in your house for whatever reason, you might want to consider calling in the local Harrogate builders converting your empty attic into a room. However, there are several things to consider before deciding to convert your loft.


Is your home post or pre-1960?

Before the 1960s, construction of roofs in Harrogate entailed the manual assembly of rafters and ceiling joists using supporting timbers. This type of construction produced roofs with structural input, making them more ideal for loft conversion. In a bid to make roofing easier for builders, a new method of roof construction was adopted. This new approach relied on factory made trusses and incorporated thinner and cheaper timber. As a result, these types of trusses were devoid of load-bearing materials, which in turn contribute to less structural input compared to pre-1960s houses. If your house has the pre-1960 type of roof, then it will be easy for a builder to convert your attic, however, if your house is a modern post-1960 house, the cost of converting the loft will be substantial.


How low is the ceiling?

Measuring the height of the attic reveals whether you have a low ceiling. As stated above the recommended height is 2.2 m. Therefore, if your attic’s height is below the recommended height, then you have a low ceiling. Fortunately, there are two solutions available both of which involve significant structural alteration. The first solution is raising the roof to create more space upwards while the second is to lower the ceiling to create more room downwards. The two solutions are costly, and you should consult a professional builder on which of the two solutions is ideal for you.


Alternative storage area, where applicable

In most homes, the attic is used as a storage area particularly for items that are no longer in use. If you use your attic as a storage area, you might want to consider what to do with the items stored in the attic. There are several solutions that you can come up with to address this issue. First, if the items stored in your attic are of no use or value to you, it might be time to let them go. If, however, some of the items stored are of value to you and your family look for a new storage area. The garage can serve as a temporary storage area as you debate what to do with the items.